Jack's impeccable and compelling vocal delivery and guitar skills will take any listener, with a love of well crafted, heartfelt tunes, to a happy place. 


Jack grew up in a UK Northern mining town, to a ‘modern’ mining family. With access to his Dad's record collection: Zeppelin, Hendrix and Prince he began his passion for music and the guitar.  


He began gigging at the age of 11 and it soon became clear that he had a natural talent for holding an audience and telling an emotive story within a three-minute pop song.  His love of playing live continues to this day. Jack gives a passionate, skilled performance, whether playing to a few or a few thousand.  


Jack has been working away behind the scenes to build a portfolio of hit material, drawing on some classic retro influences, he has created a sound all of his own.  His debut album “Stolen Hearts And Stolen Cars” continues to receive strong support from both his loyal fan base and industry stalwarts alike.